We are…


Pinky Jackson has over 30 years of organizing experience. We have developed a process that is customized to meet your needs and a team that accomplishes your goals with efficiency, kindness, and discretion.


We will not judge you or your home. We have no interest in criticizing, blaming, or shaming. We listen to your stressors, needs, and hopes and create a plan to bring order and beauty to your home.

We love working with clients who are overwhelmed with stuff as well as those who are generally well organized, but need the expertise, accountability, or structure of working with a professional.


We know that getting organized can be hard mentally, emotionally, and physically. We seek to take that hardship off of you. We strive to understand your situation and address your needs while treating you with the utmost respect and kindness.


We keep all of your information, both business and personal, 100% confidential. We are keenly aware of the delicate nature of our work and incredibly grateful for the trust that you place in us.


We are fully insured and are happy to provide a certificate of insurance to you and/or your representative upon request.


With Pinky Jackson Professional Organizing, you get a team of 2 or more specialists to take the stress off your shoulders and get the work done.

Our organizers work together on large or heavy tasks, make progress in multiple areas at the same time and offer complementary skills.  We get at least twice the work done with two organizers on site vs. one and you pay less per organizer.

“Pinky is amazing on many different fronts. First of all, she really listened to me to learn my needs and wants. She was compassionate and creative and organized a basement pantry not only in a logical way, but in an aesthetically pleasing way. Pinky has a lot of energy and there were times that she told me to kick back with my feet up and just help to give direction. She went the extra effort to try to accommodate me! Finally, Pinky embraces the “green” movement which I very much appreciated. She knows where a multitude of items can be recycled and will help you do just that.”  
— Risa, East Louisville
“Pinky can look at an entire house/system/project/area, and prioritize to get the best results in the quickest time frame. She knows how to break down complex projects into manageable pieces that fit with her client’s energy level, priorities, and time frame for working. And in doing all of this, she is incredibly compassionate, warm, empowering, and non-judgmental.”
— Miriam K, Buechel
“Pinky was such a help to me in decluttering 30 years of stuff. It was an emotional day(s) and I appreciate her support and calmness. We made such a dent in a storage room that really was so overwhelming that I couldn’t even make myself start. She made it seem so easy. I have much more to go and will be calling her again. She is a wonderful help and I couldn’t recommend her any more highly!”  
— Beverly, Crestwood
“Whether you need help with a closet, a basement, or an entire house, Pinky can help you make more progress during a work session than you would ever think possible. She is a person of integrity who shares her organizing skills, compassion for people, and positivity doing work she loves.”
— Karen L, The Highlands