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Pinky Jackson

Owner & ORganizer

Pinky has been organizing spaces, people and events for over 30 years. She started her career in her home state of Texas, where she organized for employers and community organizations. In 1986 she moved to Louisville, Kentucky, married the love of her life and continued sharing and developing her organizing skills while working for nonprofits and raising three children.

In 2010 she expanded her services to help more clients.  A mentor to new parents and an advocate for students, Pinky is also passionate about elder care. She believes everyone deserves respect, understanding, and support through the various stages of life. Pinky frequently helps families who are going through transitions such as moving, having babies, navigating the school system, and grieving the loss of a loved one. Her experience, compassion, and resourcefulness bring relief and progress to those who may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or exhausted.

When she isn’t helping clients, Pinky volunteers for causes that empower students; organizes her accessories; and watches Masterpiece Theatre. Yoga, hiking, admiring art, and reading good books with great friends represent the balanced, peaceful life that she wants for all of her clients.

Our Team

After your complimentary consultation, we will assemble a team to best meet your needs and timeline. We have a complete range of organizing skills and team members who specialize in:

  • helping you edit your collections and organize your paperwork

  • facilitating the distribution of items to the people and charities of your choice

  • recycling and environmentally safe disposal

  • digital organizing and technology support

  • photos & memorabilia including cloud storage, memory books and digital albums

  • family communication centers & organization plans

  • downsizing & move management

  • holiday organization including party planning, indoor decorating, gift wrapping, and card preparation

“Thank you so much Pinky. I can’t believe how much you all got done today! All of you went above and beyond!! Cable bill cut by 57% and its equipment returned to cable company; new electronic equipment up and running; holiday decorations sorted, placed and stored; my online budget spreadsheet moving forward; the cat’s new window seat installed and all donations on their way.

Whew!!! You all move at warp speed, and what you accomplished is unbelievable. I’m so very grateful to have your help, Pinky. I’ll have a new life thanks to you.”
— Linda, Louisville, K

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an organizer near me?
Pinky Jackson is an organizer near me, no matter where you live. Although our primary service area is Louisville, KY, we also travel to organize for our clients; provide virtual organizing; and create DIY plans.

How much does a professional organizer charge per hour?
Our organizing prices range from $50-$75 per onsite hour. The range is based upon the discounts we offer, and we will show you those when we do your complimentary consultation. The offsite work we do on your behalf is included in the onsite hour fees. So, you do not pay extra for the premium services we provide in between our onsite work sessions. 

Can I book Pinky personally?
Yes, if you want to book Pinky personally for solo organizing, consulting, or workshops, the fee is $100 per hour.

How long does organizing take?
That depends upon many factors, such as the size and scope of your project; how many organizers you want on the team; how many (if any) family members will participate in the decision making; how quickly you decide what to keep; how many layers there are to be unpiled or unpacked; and any other commitments or distractions you may have during the onsite sessions.  Because of those factors, a professional organizer cannot give you a precise timeline However, with our decades of experience, Pinky Jackson can provide an estimate to meet your goals within the timeframe you have. 

What does the organizer do?
There many organizing styles and processes. Some organizers follow a precise method, based on a specific training or current trends. At Pinky Jackson Organizing Consultants, we draw from a wide variety of best practices as well as decades of experience to create a customized plan for each client. We assess your needs and do what it takes to meet your goals in the most efficient, pleasant way possible.

Can I schedule times that work best for me?
Yes. We can accommodate your schedule if you book far enough in advance. Organizing sessions are reserved when packages are purchased. Click here to request a time for us to chat about your needs and schedule a complimentary consultation. 

I have pets and small children; will that be a problem?
Not at all. We are a family-oriented, animal loving team. Organizing can be unsettling to some family members (not just pets and children) so we strive to create a process that respects everyone’s needs and keeps your timeline moving along.