“If I could give Pinky Jackson more than five stars, I would. Pinky turns decluttering, organizing, as well as downsizing into a calm yet joyful experience. She works with the utmost professionalism while respecting the client’s time and space.

I have learned so much from having Pinky work with me in my house. And, my space is now both more functional and beautiful.”
— Karen, Louisville, KY

Happy Clients


“I've worked with Pinky on a number of projects, including decluttering and organizing in my own home. Every time I've worked with her, I've been blown away by Pinky's professionalism, her ability to manage time and work flow, and her compassionate communication with her clients. I can't think of a better person to trust with the life-decisions involved in decluttering, organizing, or downsizing a space. Pinky is the best!”

— Miriam, Buechel

“Pinky’s presence was a safe space for me to work through some difficult emotions that came up during the decluttering process. Her skill at recognizing and validating these feelings helped me move through them so I could easily make decisions about what to toss or recycle, and how to organize the things I wanted to keep. At the end of the afternoon, not only did I have an organized and beautiful space, but I felt newly empowered to keep this space uncluttered moving forward.”

— MK, Louisville

“Pinky is amazing! She helped us with clothes closet decluttering/organizing, as well as storage and organization in my home office. She is so kind, knowledgeable, and has a great system for helping you easily declutter and sort. We are so pleased with the end result! You will not regret hiring Pinky Jackson to help bring some calm to your life!”

— Pamela, Prospect

“Scheduling and communicating with Pinky was always easy and comfortable. Last Christmas, I gave the gift of "Pinky Jackson time" to a family member. She is extraordinarily pleased with how Pinky helped her downsize and organize for a move from a house to an apartment. That gift is one that will be long remembered fondly. So much good came to my family and to me from organizing, decluttering, and downsizing work with Pinky. We will be forever grateful!”

— Karen, Upper Highlands


“Pinky has the greatest of skills and techniques for supporting you in simplifying and enJOYing your space. Your life. Your living. Mostly her presence of mind and heart is the power. Her team cares greatly, listens deeply, and works quickly. They transform chaos into calm and cluttered spaces into beautiful sanctuaries. See for yourself.”

— Martha, Bugtussle, TN

“With Pinky every session gets better and better and my home is improved beyond what seemed possible before! I only wish I'd known about Pinky Jackson a long time ago. The service provided was far and above what I could have imagined: On time, efficient, professional, thorough, kind, and very sensitive to my needs, both materially and emotionally. The best!!!!!”

— Linda, Louisville, KY

“In removing the clutter of unneeded, disorganized paper, Pinky has also helped remove stress, anxiety, and frustration from my life and replace it with peace. Her heart is most certainly in the work she does, and her purpose truly is to allow her clients to experience clarity, order, confidence, freedom, and that most important, most precious quality we all wish to have in our lives, peace. I speak as one whose life is blessed and enlightened by Pinky's professionalism, dedication and compassion.” --

— Linda, St. Matthews

“Pinky Jackson has not only the skills, tools and talent for helping people create functional and beautiful spaces, but she also brings her amazing positivity to each person and space. I've learned so much and gained so much from having Pinky work with me. Also, Pinky helped my mother declutter, down-size, and move. I recommend giving yourself or someone you care about a Pinky Jackson Organizing Consultant holiday or birthday gift. Last year, giving my mom the Christmas gift of 9 hours of Pinky time which could be easily scheduled based on mutual availability was a gift that Mom and all the family greatly enjoyed!”

— Karen, Louisville

“I highly recommend Pinky Jackson, she is very talented, a great organizing consultant, and a sweet person. You will love her!”

— Amy M. of Amy's Simple Cleaning